Podcast Coming Soon!

It’s happening!

Music Therapy Umbrella: The Podcast, is currently under construction and will hopefully be live within the next month or two. I am super excited about this project to connect other therapists with each other and to provide for the therapy community. Here are a few things I envision for this podcast:

  1. To be a supportive voice when you need it most
  2. To provide listeners with a variety of therapy backgrounds and approaches focusing on therapy with children, young teens, and families
  3. To motivate other therapists to expand their clinical skills 
  4. To connect therapists to other therapists!

Here is a rundown of the format you can expect. This is not set in stone, and I am very open to any suggestions or constructive criticism– send it my way here!

  • Getting To Know You! – Learning about this therapist, their specialty, and what they currently do in their field. I love fun facts, so we’ll probably throw that in here too!
  • Favorite MT Moment- We all have them and they keep us going. Let’s hear more of these!
  • Biggest MT Challenge: It’s also helpful to hear the challenges people are facing and how they are working through them.
  • Intervention Share- This is the exciting part, each interviewee will share an intervention, presenting it so you can hear it and make it your own!
  • You Passion Project/Issue: There are much larger things happening besides the clinical relationship. Hearing about what other social justice issues/passion projects of other can be really inspiring!

What else would you like to hear more about from music therapists out there? What questions would you ask them? I’d love to have your feedback!



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