Episode #2- Wade Richards, MT-BC

Check Out Episode #2!


In this episode, Wade Richards, MT-BC, discusses his creativity through a variety of mediums. He discusses adapted tunings for guitar, working with a creative arts therapy team, and his own process to produce creative work. Wade also talks about one of his upcoming projects, a unique songwriting protocol, that he will be presenting at the AMTA National Conference in 2019. Take a listen and enjoy!

Wade is a board-certified music therapist and one of the directors at Spectrum Creative Arts.  He completed additional training programs in Orff-Schulwerk, Neurologic Music Therapy, and Performance Wellness.  As a songwriter and creative writer, Wade has authored several music resource books for music therapy and music education.

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The Richards’ Modified Tuning For Adapted Guitar on Music Therapy Ebooks.

Spectrum Press– Amazing Resource for intervention ideas using a variety of approaches.

AMTA National Conference Agenda

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