#12- Identity, Trauma, & Music Therapy with Aksana Kavaliova, MTA

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In this episode, Aksana shares her experiences working as a music therapist while eventually deciding to obtain another degree in trauma informed care. She discusses elements of trauma work that she has incorporated into her current clinical work with children who have special needs and how it has changed her approach. Aksana also shares great resources for therapists looking to learn more about music therapy through the online conference for music therapy. Aksana has an amazing story to tell, so take a listen and enjoy!

Aksana graduated in 2008 with the Honours Bachelor of Music Therapy with a minor in Psychology (with Distinction), and became Music Therapist Accredited (MTA) in February 2009. In May 2014, she graduated with a Master of Music in Music Therapy degree from the Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO). From 2008 to June 2018, she ran a music therapy private practice in the Kingdom of Bahrain, where she worked with several private schools and centers (including the Children’s Academy) and numerous individuals with Autism, Down syndrome, intellectual and developmental disabilities, ADHD, anxiety disorders, and other conditions.

In July 2018, she family relocated to beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario (Canada), where she began her private practice. She recently completed her graduate practicum at the renowned Attachment and Trauma Treatment Centre for Healing (ATTCH) in St. Catharines and graduated with the Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology degree. As if the changes weren’t enough, in July 2019 she and her family moved back to Bahrain. She is now offering music therapy and counseling to children and adults, and looking for the opportunities to collaborate with other professionals through supervision, teaching/workshops and presentations.

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Attachment and Trauma Training Centre for Healing Website (ATTCH)

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van der Kolk, M.D.

Episode #9 with Erica Hornthal

The Online Conference for Music Therapy website– hurry registration is opening soon!

Music Therapy Leader’s FOMO Conference happening November 2019.


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