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#29-Mindfulness, Adaptability, and Co-treatment with Christine Devereaux, RYT-500, CTRS

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Todays’ episode is a fantastic reminder of what we can control in our daily lives during a time of crisis. The episode features Christine Devereaux, who is the owner of Spectrum Yoga in Denver Colorado. She is a therapeutic recreation specialist and an advanced teacher of therapeutic yoga. She discusses the importance of mindfulness and awareness during crisis and how much peace that can bring to our lives. She also tells us about her passion with collaborating with others, most recently her collaboration with music therapy! Soak it all in and remember to breathe after this one.

Christine Devereaux has worked with kids and adults with various needs since 2007 as a Recreation Therapist, specializing in individualized wellness and independence. She is currently recreation therapist and an Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga and is receiving training in yoga therapy through the Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy.

By blending her educational and experiential backgrounds in these two fields, Christine created Spectrum Yoga to meet individual and common needs within the autism community. Offerings include specialized classes, purposeful products, and free, fun, and informational videos for people with autism, sensory processing challenges, and ADHD.

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