Creativity…. that elusive slippery snake that can be so hard to get ahold of! Whether it be boosting your own creativity as a therapist or practitioner, or if you’re looking to support more out of the box thinking for your clients, this freebie will give you a few practical ideas to get your mind thinking!

As therapists, there is no better time to deepen our understanding of resiliency factors in children. The more resiliency factors a child has, the more likely they will thrive in the world, despite the challenges they may face. Creative resiliency is a factor that we can easily support in children and it has profound ripple effects.

Children are naturally creative, and unfortunately, this skill is too often lost as children move into adulthood – so dive into these tips and if you want more check out the free workbook you can download at the end of the page!

Looking for more tips on how to practice these five steps mentioned above?

Take a listen to episode #48 where I talk more about creativity and creative resiliency or you can download this creativity guide for some action items and practice!

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