About Me

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I grew up in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York where it’s quiet, green, and adventure is endless. After graduating from Nazareth College with my Master’s in Creative Arts Therapy, I spent a few years working at a fantastic business that focused on providing creative arts services to the Rochester, NY community. I was lucky enough to learn from so many mentors, teachers, and supervisors in this community and those experiences have drastically formed me into the therapist I am today. I eventually found myself packing up and moving to Colorado for a new job and exciting adventure!

My experience within music therapy has focused on providing services to children with and without disabilities. At my current position, I work with children diagnosed with life-limiting illnesses and special needs and we use music to reach a variety of goals.


To gain further experience working with verbal processing and to fully support the emotional needs of my clients, I have begun to work towards gaining my LPC credential (Licensed Professional Counselor) as well as getting more training in Play Therapy. This has already supported my practice so much and I can’t wait to continue my life-long learning journey. I’m excited for this next step in my journey to utilize creative arts and expressive therapies in my sessions, as well as continue my passion within music therapy.

I’m passionate about connection and creativity, and the bridges that are built when these two concepts are utilized in therapy, in education, and even in business.

Thankfully, I have an amazing husband who has supported me along my endless learning adventures, a spunky cat and crazy dog that keep me on my toes, and I love anything outdoors that keeps me moving!


  • M.S. in Creative Arts Therapy
  • B.A. in Music
  • B.A. in Anthropology

Professional Experience

  • Worked as a music therapist in a therapeutic pre-school providing music therapy services and co-treating with other therapists on the team
  • Employed as district music therapist for several districts in New York State
  • Created and facilitated early childhood music development groups
  • Provided music therapy services for children under the CLLI and CES waivers in Colorado
  • Completed Masters thesis on topic of co-treatment of music therapy and speech language therapy for child on Autism Spectrum.
  • Served as MARAMTA webmaster for two consecutive years
  • Received training in clinical supervision for interns and young professionals


  • Conference Presentation, 2017: “Introvert and Extrovert Behaviors in Music Therapy”
  • Local Presentation for young children and parents, 2016: “Using Music to Support Healthy Development”
  • Conference Presentation, 2014: Co-treating with Speech Language Pathologists

Research Experience

  • Research Assistant for Pilot study incorporating music therapy for coping skills of patients with FH
  • Research Assistant for college professor researching overview of literature for music therapy research paper
  • Research Assistant for hospital using inter-rater reliability calculations to determine music therapy efficacy


Please always feel free to reach out and contact me. Connecting with others and talking about creativity lights up my life!


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