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Big. Foam. Dice.

Again Target. You've done it again. I've had this dice for quite some time but am just starting to unlock it's potential. It's a dry erase die with 12 cards that are interchangeable on the face of each side. Although it's not the most sturdy, it sure is fun! Here are some of the way's… Continue reading Big. Foam. Dice.

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Child-Centered Music Therapy Series, Post #1

*Deep Breath* This is a BIG topic that I have been hesitant to dig into because I want to cover it in depth. However, this is one of my most passionate areas of music therapy that I want to talk about on this blog. This will end up being a series and I hope you… Continue reading Child-Centered Music Therapy Series, Post #1

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Tuesday Top 5 (TT5): Elements of Notes

Okay, let's dig into it. Process Notes. Charting. Progress Notes. DAP. SOAP. Yatta. Yatta. Yatta. They are called a lot of things and they really are very important. Often, your job dictates how they are to be completed and in what format as well. Keeping notes for sessions is not only an ethical standard of… Continue reading Tuesday Top 5 (TT5): Elements of Notes

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“Spinner App” Intervention Ideas

I LOVE THIS APP. Seriously, I love this app. Someone had posted about this app somewhere online and I can't find the blog that I originally found it on. Thank you kind stranger! There have been so many interventions that have spawned out of this app. I originally started to use it for a feelings… Continue reading “Spinner App” Intervention Ideas

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Yay! Sheet Music! Now How Do I Make It An Intervention?

I have an amazing sister-in-law who is a pro at finding old folk songbooks at Goodwills, Estate Sales, and sometimes even in those Little Free Libraries (I love those things!) These have been my go-to resources for finding new song material as most of them span a wide range of cultures and styles. One of… Continue reading Yay! Sheet Music! Now How Do I Make It An Intervention?

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Multi-Sensory Intervention- Summer Theme!

This is an intervention that was inspired by a few things. A client that I was working with had just gone on vacation to a lovely warm beach. I decided for her next session we would do a "reminiscing" intervention of beach time. Also, how can you not feel good after singing calypso, dreaming of… Continue reading Multi-Sensory Intervention- Summer Theme!

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Always Assume Competence

This is something that was talked about a lot in my training and even more so in my internship. In my internship, I worked with many students who were very limited in their responses to their environment due to communication, physical, and other deficits. Many children that this applies to have multiple disabilities, may not… Continue reading Always Assume Competence

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Finding A Client’s Autonomy

Autonomy has been a word that has come up in my practice quite frequently in the past few months. Currently I am assisting in a research study that involves assessing client autonomy with music therapy interventions. Also, I am taking a graduate course called "Ethics in the Counseling Profession" and within the first ten pages… Continue reading Finding A Client’s Autonomy

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The Danger of Prescribing Interventions

Get ready to channel your inner chameleon! I made this website in hopes of sharing intervention ideas, resources, and strategies for other therapists working with children.  However there is something I feel very passionate about that I must share with you too. There is danger in "prescribing" interventions. This phrase was a small seed planted… Continue reading The Danger of Prescribing Interventions