How do we nourish creativity?

Beyond playing instruments, drawing pictures, and dancing, creativity is a skill that can apply to many developmental tasks such as problem-solving, mindfulness, self-motivation, and self-insight. Although we use this concept often in our work, how often do we target creative problem-solving as a goal? How often are we focusing on developing creative resiliency factors?

This course is ideal for any therapist looking to support the skill of creativity in their therapy room. This e-workbook will help you develop an understanding of your creative self by supporting your self-awareness, insight, self-esteem, and motivation among other things. From here, we dive into how to take these experiences and support children in developing their own self-understanding and creative journey. The e-workbook is packed with exercises, reflection spaces, creative activities, tips, and extra learning opportunities. 

To accompany this e-workbook, this course includes over 3 hours of videos and two group consultation calls (live or pre-recorded). This course is PRE-APPROVED for 5 CBMT credits!!!  It will be on sale starting on July 21st, and the sale will end on Thursday, July 30th.

  • Engage in research-based, actionable experiences that promote creative thinking
  • Learn how to incorporate creative experiences directly into the therapy room
  • Develop knowledge on how creativity can be a resiliency power for children and how you can support that skill
  • Find ways to get unstuck with the creative process
  • Shift your perspective to see more creative opportunities around you
  • Explore your own creative flow, preferences, and triggers

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Materials: Videos, experiential workbook, access to a Facebook group for support, and two group consultation calls (live or pre-recorded) on Monday, August 3rd at 5:00 PM MST and Wednesday, August 12th at 7:00 PM MST. 

Credits: This course is available for 5 credits through CBMT. At this time the course is not pre-approved for credits through any other entities. Music therapists completing this course for credits must complete the course within 90 days of purchase. 

Why Creative Resiliency?

As therapists, there is no better time to deepen our understanding of resiliency factors in children. The more resiliency factors a child has, the more likely they will thrive in the world, despite the challenges they may face.

Creative resiliency is a factor that we can easily support in children and it has profound ripple effects. Children are naturally creative, and unfortunately, this skill is too often lost as children move into adulthood.

The future of our world depends on a new generation of creative thinkers, adaptive minds, and connected relationships. Creative resiliency can build these skills to support the mental well-being of the individual child as well as the larger community.

We will utilize experiential teaching so that you can first grow your own ability to think creatively, expand your awareness, and shift your perspective.

We will utilize theories from a variety of fields, including developmental psychology, resilience science, existential theory, Buddhist psychology, Relational-Cultural Theory, improvisational comedy, and others. Once grounded in these theories, we can then move forward to make actionable steps towards cultivating creativity in ourselves.

Most importantly, after we engage in experiential practices with these theories, we will target the applicability of these experiences into the child therapy room!

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