Structured, non-judgmental, and outcome driven. Parent consultations are a collaborative relationship between us focused on supporting you as a parent.

You just need a second opinion on what to do in a tough parenting moment. You want a listening ear to hear your concerns as a parent. You just need some perspective.

Parent consultations are not therapy, but are a space where you can voice your concerns, gain insight, and learn new skills with a supportive professional. We target a specific problem, find all avenues that may help, and then create actionable steps to support you.

Parents engage in consultation for things like:

  • learning creative activities to engage with your little one
  • learning how to respond to big feelings
  • learning how to set boundaries and expectations
  • finding new ways to spend time together to bond
  • finding ways to use music to bond with children
  • learning about how children process emotions
  • learning how to support creativity in children
  • and many more

If this sounds like a space that could help you, contact me to get your free 30-minute consultation. You can e-mail me, call, or fill out the form below.

One 50-Minute Consultation$80.00
Bundle of Three 50-Minute Consultations$220.00
Bundle of Six 50-Minute Consultations$400.00

You can also contact me here to get your free consultation!