Ever been stuck with coming up with creative interventions? Stuck with being creative in the moment? Stuck with supporting the emotional well-being of your clients? Stuck with thinking outside of the box? Stuck with your own personal creativity outside of work? This course can change that!

  • Engage in research-based and actionable experiences that promote creative thinking
  • Develop knowledge on how creativity can be a resiliency factor for children
  • Learn easy counseling techniques to support the emotional well-being and mental health of children through creativity
  • Find ways to get unstuck with the creative process
  • Challenge your perspective to see more creative opportunities around you
  • Explore your own creative flow, preferences, and triggers

The e-workbook is packed with exercises, reflection spaces, creative activities, tips, and extra learning opportunities. This course has over 3 hours of videos to accompany the e-workbook and two group consultation calls (live or pre-recorded).

This course is PRE-APPROVED for 5 CBMT credits!!!

This course is ideal for any therapist looking to support the skill of creativity in their therapy room. This e-workbook will help you develop an understanding of your creative self by supporting self-awareness, insight, self-esteem, and motivation among other things. From here, you will dive into how to take these experiences and support children in developing their self-understanding and creative journey.

Download The Full Description Here!

Materials: Videos, experiential workbook, access to a Facebook group for support, and two pre-recorded group consultation calls 

CreditsThis course is available for 5 credits through CBMT. At this time the course is not pre-approved for credits through any other entities. Music therapists completing this course for credits must complete the course within 90 days of purchase. 

In this course, you will learn to construct creative, flexible experiences to meet client needs and identify creative responses from clients. You will learn how to support self-awareness, insight, and self-motivation within the therapy room. Let’s get creative!!

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