Have you ever wanted to learn more about play therapy concepts and how it can be applied to music therapy?

This pod-course is dedicated to helping you:

  • Develop basic understanding of some play therapy concepts
  • Identify ways to support a clients’ emotional awareness
  • Understand how to set boundaries in an empathic way
  • Learn ways to creatively respond to a clients needs through verbal ways
  • Grow your understanding of how play therapy can integrate into music therapy practice

Suggested self-study includes various articles, books, videos, and other podcasts to support your learning. Office hour for this CMTE opportunity is available as a video or you can listen to it like another podcast episode! Click here to download the full promo for more detailed information!

In this bundle you will receive:

  • Links to Three Previously Released Podcast Episodes
  • A workbook download (PDF) that includes: 
    • Podcast Summaries
    • Suggested Self- Study Opportunities
    • Action Planing, Reflective Journaling, and Goal Setting
    • Office Hour Information
    • Links to podcast episodes, self-study resources, office hours, post-test, and evaluations are included in the download
  • Pre-recorded Office Hour with Podcast Host

No longer available for pre-approved CBMT credits, but these credits can be claimed on your own through CBMT for self-learning approval! Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding this process!

Learn and earn on your own time!


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