• M.S. in Creative Arts Therapy
  • B.A. in Music
  • B.A. in Anthropology

Professional Experience

  • Worked as a music therapist in a therapeutic pre-school providing music therapy services and co-treating with other therapists on the team
  • Employed as district music therapist for several districts in New York State
  • Created and facilitated early childhood music development groups
  • Provided music therapy services for children under the CLLI and CES waivers in Colorado
  • Completed Masters thesis on topic of co-treatment of music therapy and speech language therapy for child on Autism Spectrum.
  • Served as MARAMTA webmaster for two consecutive years
  • Received training in clinical supervision for interns and young professionals


  • Conference Presentation, 2017: “Introvert and Extrovert Behaviors in Music Therapy”
  • Local Presentation for young children and parents, 2016: “Using Music to Support Healthy Development”
  • Conference Presentation, 2014: Co-treating with Speech Language Pathologists

Research Experience

  • Research Assistant for Pilot study incorporating music therapy for coping skills of patients with FH
  • Research Assistant for college professor researching overview of literature for music therapy research paper
  • Research Assistant for hospital using inter-rater reliability calculations to determine music therapy efficacy