As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, and Board-Certified Music Therapist, I offer a wide range of creative and expressive therapies. My goal as a therapist is to create a place for you or your child to explore and express through unique and individualized ways. As a therapist, it is my duty to walk alongside a client, support their unique strengths, and shine a light in the darkness.

My telehealth services are flexible and focused on supporting you in your busy schedule. We can do video calls or phone calls, and can set up a frequency that feels right for you.

At this time I am not able to accept insurances, although I can provide a receipt for you so you can request reimbursement from your insurance.


Does your child have trouble with anxiety, bullying, social situations, stress, or feelings of overwhelm? Are they struggling with changes and transitions? Does your child have a life-limiting medical illness? Is your child neurodiverse, have a developmental difference, or special need? Through creative child counseling or music therapy, I can find ways to support your child in an individualized and engaging way.


Are you struggling with stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, trauma, or life transitions? Using a humanistic and client-centered approach, I focus on creating a warm space where you can process your experiences in your own unique way. Whether through inner child healing, mindfulness, or creativity; we can find a path for you heal and grow.

Not sure what you need? Reach out for a free 30 minute consultation!