More resources coming soon!

Theater In Music

This download includes a bunch of ideas and information about how to incorporate theater into your music sessions. You’ll walk away with tangible ideas as well as having a better understanding of your scope of practice as it relates to music and theater!

Creative Arts Therapy in End-Of-Life Presentation Slides

A downloadable PDF of using the creative arts in palliative care with children and families. Get ideas on bridging together the creative arts modalities in a way that can support children with end-of-life therapeutic experiences. Click the image to download the PDF!

Expanding Stories With Creative Arts

A simple visual guide to support the expansion of stories in a creative setting. The power of stories is incredible, as we know from researchers like Daniel Siegal who wrote “The Whole-Brain Child”. Stories help children process, understand, and heal through a variety of “little T” and “big T” traumas. Use this guide to expand storytelling (even blend several of these modalities if the client is driven to do so!) Click the image to download the PDF!

Using Games In Therapy: What To Assess And What To Ask

One of my co-workers was amazing at using games in therapy. She passed along this great list of questions, so I added some case examples to it. Games in therapy can be so helpful to gain insight, assess, engage, and reflect with children. Click the image to download the PDF!