More resources coming in the next few weeks!

Trauma Overview

A PDF that gives an overview of trauma. Discussion and examples of Big T, Little T, relational, and other types of trauma are included. Click the image to download the PDF!

Trauma Informed Care: The Five Basic Principles

A PDF that gives an overview of trauma-informed care. Details include the five basic principles to use within the therapeutic context as well as the larger system. Click the image to download the PDF!

“Ghosts In The Nursery” Article

Arguably one of the first things to read to begin the understanding of infant mental health. Heavy emphasis is put on the relationship and attachment. Because of infant mental health research, we know now that an infant and child’s well-being is heavily influenced by their relationship with the parent, caregiver, or main attachment figure. As therapists, the systemic influences are paramount to understanding the infant or child’s own mental health. Click on the image to download the PDF!

Infographic of Infant and Child Mental Health

An infographic explaining the importance of infant mental health and how it is a part of many systems. This is from the, a highly valuable resource to learn more about infant mental health in education, therapy, judicial systems, and in many other places. They also offer events and training! Click on the image to download the PDF!

Presentation of Building Relationship and Emotional Awareness For Children with Special Needs

This overview was from a presentation last year. You can view the presentation here, on the Music Therapy Leaders Facebook group. The download includes an overview and list of references all about building strong relationships and developing emotional awareness for children with developmental disabilities/differences. Click the image for the PDF download!

The Power of Therapeutic Relationship as Human Connection

A short guide about the importance of human relationships in infant and child mental health development. Infant and child’s social and emotional development are tied directly to their early relationships with attachment figures. However, even with non-secure attachment, children can develop their social/emotional skills when able to access more resiliency factors. Click on the image to download the PDF!

Article Review: “Siblings of children with a complex chronic health condition: maternal post traumatic growth as a predictor of changes in child behavior problems”

An article review that lists key takeaways from the article. Applications of the ideas within the article are discussed and key takeaways are noted. Links to the article inside the PDF. Click on the image to download the PDF!

Article Review: “Psychosocial Needs Of The Dying Child”

An article review that lists the key takeaways of end of life care for children. Key reminders for therapists who work with children at end-of-life care, within hospitals, or children with medical conditions. Click the image to download the PDF!

Article Review: “Fifteen Effective Play Therapy Techniques” for music therapists

This article overview focuses on disseminating effective play therapy techniques and applying them directly to music therapy interventions. Click the image to download the PDF!