Kate Shannon, LCPC, LCAT, MT-BC is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, and Board Certified Music Therapist. She’s spent her career supporting children with life-limiting medical diagnoses, mental health needs, and various disabilities through music therapy, play, and creative expression. Kate is passionate about incorporating play therapy skills into the music therapy space and helps other therapists learn how to support healthy social and emotional development through these creative and expressive therapies. Kate is also passionate about working with adults utilizing inner child work, attachment-based therapy, mindfulness, and creativity. Besides creating music, she loves to knit, needle felt, read, play video games, and spend time with her family.

Hi! I’m Kate!

Supporting mental health through music, creativity, relationship, play, and the arts is one of my greatest joys. By serving as a therapist for children and adults, I believe that the relationship is one of the most important aspects of therapeutic change.

While providing therapy services is my calling, I am also passionate about creating resources for therapists looking to support their child clients through creative modalities. I believe that every adult has the opportunity to make a child feel heard, validated, and supported, no matter what goals they are working towards.

Therapy Specializations


Quality Of Life


Life-Limiting Diagnosis

Medical Trauma



Life Transitions

Developmental Differences

Palliative Care


Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Private Practice – Creative Therapy Portland
– Supporting children, teens, and young adults with emotional processing relating to symptoms of anxiety, trauma, life transitions, stress, and more.
– Utilizing mindfulness, relational approaches, trauma-informed care, and creativity to support the therapeutic progress

Music Therapist
The Child And Family Therapy Center Of Denver
– Engaged children and adolescents in creative therapy interventions focused on increasing coping skills, improving emotional processing, and supporting emotional well-being 
– Additional training experiences including play therapy, EMDR, multiculturalism, and grief counseling
– Supported families of children with life-limiting medical diagnoses and/or disabilities with at-home supports

Music Therapist
Spectrum Creative Arts
– Provided creative arts therapy services for all ages, including newborns through adults in geriatric care
– Created and facilitated a music development group for infants and caregivers to support bonding and interpersonal relationships
– Supervised therapists by offering direct and indirect learning opportunities throughout practicum and internship programs

A little more about me!

My career has focused on supporting children, teens, and young adults of all ability levels through music, creativity, and play.  Most of my experience lies in supporting the emotional well-being, quality of life, and mental health of children with anxiety, trauma, and developmental disabilities.

When I was working with children in palliative care as a music therapist, I found myself completely stuck in trying to support the mental health needs of my clients. Things like anxiety, depression, end-of-life concerns, grief, emotional expression, regulation, and other issues were pervasive within their needs and concerns. I felt somewhat ill-prepared to support these various mental health concerns and wanted to move beyond the simple idea of “teaching” coping skills. But I had no where to go and only a few solid people to lean on. 

This led me to pursue additional education and after years of learning, growing, studying, supervision, and testing, I become a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. I then created The Umbrella Community — a resource space for therapists wanting to learn about child mental health, creativity, expressive therapies, and more!

Fun Facts

When I’m not reading the next therapy related book or putting out another episode of the podcast, I am finding ways to create at home! Here are a few fun facts about me:

My latest rotation of hobbies includes riding my bike, yoga, hiking, knitting, decorating, and trying not to kill my newest plant.

I play DND almost every weekend with a super-duper bunch of friends. This is one of my most creative outlets and I love it!

My primary instrument was the flute, but I feel most connected to the bass guitar. I love finding a funky groove, learning how to play it by ear, and then convincing my music friends to jam along!

I have an amazing husband, a spunky cat, and a crazy dog who endlessly support me on my creative endeavors. I am so thankful for my family!

 I LOOOVE learning! And food. I really love food.