The mission of Creative Therapy Umbrella is to help therapists support the well-being and mental health of infants and children through the creative arts. This site provides resources, educational opportunities, and continuous connection for child therapists looking to support their client’s in non-traditional ways within their scope of practice. We aim to honor every child as their unique selves, and give therapists the tools to do just that.

Kate is a gifted interviewer, so these interviews are not surface—- she really dives deep into philosophies, strategies, and creative therapy interventions. A fantastic and NEEDED podcast!



The CTU podcast features an impressive collection of specialists and talented individuals within the creative therapy network! I always leave each episode with ideas, wonderings, and a thirst to know more. Kate’s talent is in guiding each guest through answering the questions we would all ask if we were in the room. She is a great listener and interpreter with the instincts of an exceptional therapist. Love your voice, your podcast, and your related resources!