I’m currently have openings for supervision and consultation. Supporting other therapists through supervision is one of my favorite parts about being in this field! Clinical supervision have been the most wonderful addition to my career and I have the flexibility to work with a variety of therapists looking for guidance. My focus is to help therapists grow a deeper understanding of child mental health, creativity, music, and play in their work; alongside understanding the nuances of self-as-therapist learning.


A place where we can take a deep dive into the skills you’d like to develop. This can be done individually or in a group setting. Supervision focuses on developing skills while supporting the self-as-therapist element that comes into our work.


Do you need a tune up or a short term supervision? Consultation can be a great fit when you have one specific need that you’d like to work on; whether it be a skill, a case consult, an intervention, or just for a sounding board!

The Umbrella Community

Do you feel like you need to learn a lot of counseling skills but also want time for individual consultation? In the community, you are given ample resources to learn about creative counseling while also getting 4 individual consultation slots with Kate over the year.