Supervision and Consultation

Clinical Supervision has been the most wonderful addition to my career, as an intern, entry-level professional, and seasoned professional. It’s something I find incredibly valuable and meaningful to my work as a therapist. I hope to pass that along to others looking for guidance, feedback, and growth.

I’ve been lucky enough to supervise music therapy interns, occupational therapy interns, entry-level music therapists, and many others throughout my time as a music therapist. My approach to supervision is similar to the way I approach my clients; person-centered, flexible, and honest.

I specialize in providing services for clients as young as newborn babies all the way to young adults in their twenties. Supervision can occur in person, via phone, or through Zoom/Facetime. Our consistency with meeting can be once a week, bi-weekly, or once per month; whatever is best for you at this time.

I’m also available for consultation as well. This would be a short one or two time meeting, discussing a particular question or issue that you have. I am happy to do this for individuals, companies, districts, and agencies.

The following areas are where my expertise lies:

  • Music Therapy and Child Mental Health
  • Early childhood music therapy
  • “Mommy and Me” music groups
  • Music Therapy and Children with life-limiting illness
  • Young children with Autism
  • Music therapy in school-age settings (IEP or non-IEP based)
  • Medically-fragile children
  • Children with limited-to-no communication and/or physical skills
  • Children who demonstrate limited responses to any stimuli
  • Improvisational music therapy
  • Play-based music therapy
  • Co-treating with other therapists


If you find yourself in need of guidance with generating intervention ideas, organizing your session plans, leading groups for children with special needs, processing through therapists’ block, or anything related to the topics above, please contact me! I’d love to work with you!

If you’d like to see more of my qualifications and experience, please follow this link to my scholarship list.