This episode is the first-ever release with more than one guest, and it was a blast! Katie, Haley, and Candace joined in from different time zones to tell us about their awesome business called Music Therapy Made Simple. Whether you are a music therapist or another creative arts therapist looking for support, these guys have it all! Take a listen and don’t forget to check out their website that is FULL of goodies!

Music Therapy Made Simple was created out of an eagerness to support and connect with music therapy professionals, students, and other service providers. We believe that all helping professionals deserve to feel supported, connected, and valued. Our team has been extremely fortunate to be surrounded by fantastic mentors and friends along our music therapy journey and we are motivated to help other professionals and students feel that way too.

Our mission is to support music therapy professionals and students by… 

  • Creating innovative solutions
  • Providing tools for success
  • Cultivating confidence

How do we do that?

Music Therapy Made Simple…

  • Provides online music therapy materials and resources (session plans, visuals, songwriting tools, etc.)
  • Offers 1:1 supervision and consultations through email, phone, and video platforms to meet your unique client and personal needs

Check out Music Therapy Made Simple on Facebook and follow them on Instagram!

Plans and Documentation


Find out more about Katie, Haley, and Candace here!

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