#30- Embodiment, Collaboration, and Social Trauma, with Dr. Amber Gray, Ph.D., MPH, MA, BC-DMT, LPCC, NCC

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In this episode, Amber shares with us her experience as the executive director for the Kint Institute, where she teaches along many other creative arts therapists in a program dedicated to training creative arts therapists in trauma work. She also discusses her clinical experiences, working with survivors of natural disasters, torture, and other social trauma. Amber reminds us that the connection to our bodies is incredibly important, especially in a time like now. Enjoy the episode!

Dr. Amber Elizabeth Lynn Gray, Executive Director of The Kint Institute, is an award winning dance movement therapist, a somatic/human rights psychotherapist, a long time practitioner and teacher of yoga, and an Authorized Continuum teacher. Amber has worked for many years with people who have survived human rights abuses, war and torture. Amber originated Restorative Movement Psychotherapy , the only framework for dance, movement, mindfulness and creative arts therapies with refugees and survivors of torture, and Polyvagal-informed Dance. Movement and Somatic Therapies for trauma, based on many years of friendship and collegial idea sharing with Stephen Porges.

She provides training and consultation nationally and internationally on restorative treatment for survivors of war, political violence, torture, and natural disasters. She has over thirty years experience in human service and working with displaced people, refugees, and survivors of human rights abuses, and over 22 years experience working with survivors of interpersonal and social trauma. She is an innovator in the field of staff care for first responders in disasters and complex humanitarian emergencies. Her expertise is in integration of creative arts and body-based practices and methods into clinical, psychotherapeutic and healing practices. She is a regular conference presenter and keynote speaker, and has authored many peer-reviewed publications on movement therapies and trauma. She regularly leads eco somatic, “wild-zeness” retreats for survivors of trauma.

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