In this episode, Youhjung tells us about her thriving online art therapy practice and her new shift to supporting other art therapists with their online business. She describes a bit about the relationship that can be created successfully through online therapy and how therapists can create a strong online business model. She also tells us about what led to the creation of her online business, burnout. Youhjung’s perspective of this experience, or “the gift of burnout” is a powerful message for any therapist to hear. Take a listen and enjoy!

Youhjung Son is a board certified art therapist, business coach, artist, and content creator for (the YouTube channel & podcast) “Thirsty For Art,” living in Austin,TX. She helps women all over the world who want to understand themselves more & express their emotions on a deeper level through online art therapy. Youhjung is also passionate about helping art therapists and creative healers build their own profitable online businesses through social media and work purely on their own terms, with freedom. When not working,Youhjung can be found hiking on trails or cuddling with her cauliflower-eared cat, Boru.

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