In todays’ episode, Miya shared with us her inspiration as an entrepreneur, a music therapist, and a visionary. She talks about what works for her in nurturing her business, including reading books, using an idea journal, and engaging in business coaching. She gives details about what her business coaching services offer and how this experience can support creative therapists.

Miya Adout founded Miya Music Therapy in 2015 based on her vision to improve patient quality of life in healthcare settings throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Miya is a graduate of Concordia University where she received a Master of Arts in Creative Arts Therapies (Music Therapy) after having completed a BA in Cultural Studies. Miya works with individuals of all ages and abilities. The primary populations she serves are at the beginning and end-of-life; working in maternal mental health and in long-term care with seniors living with dementia. Miya is passionate about educating the public on the impact of music therapy through engaging presentations and workshops. Miya also sits on the board of the Music Therapy Association of Ontario, provides business coaching to healthcare entrepreneurs, and has created Connect 2 Music Therapy, an online global magazine for music therapists. When she is not managing her company or facilitating sessions, Miya enjoys spending time with her toddler, experimenting with photography, and writing.

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Business Coaching with Miya

Business Momentum

The book “Rocket Fuel” about visionary and integrators in business.

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