Instead of listening to us this week, please instead spend the time with diverse and inclusive platforms, episodes, and topics.

Necessary Expressions: Allowing Black Pain Into Therapeutic Spaces from the Chronicles of a Play Therapist with Althea T. Simpson
Understanding Play Therapy Interventions for Black Children Affected By Racial Trauma with Arron Muller, LMSW from Chronicles of a Play Therapist with Althea T. Simpson
Disability and the Arts: How can we make the Arts Accessible for Patrons? from Disarming Disability
Disability Basics: What are the Intersections of Race and Disability? from Disarming Disability
Disability and the Arts: What are the Barriers for Professional Artists? from Disarming Disability
Code Switch –
Finding ‘A Perfect Match’

Creative Vibes Music Therapy –
The Untold History of Music Therapy
Creative Vibes Music Therapy – Racial Inequity in Music Therapy 

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