Normally, our podcast goes on mute once every three months to un-center our voice and instead raise importance Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latinx, People of Color, Disabled, and LGBTQA+ voices in our community.

With the recent hate crimes committed against Asian-American women in Atlanta, Georgia, we are turning off our voice early. We instead hope that you will use this time reading, listening, reflecting, reaching out, learning, and un-learning racism, racial trauma, and white supremacy.

Suggested Media:
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Jenny Wang on AAPI trauma on Instagram

Jenny Wang on Solidarity for Asians

“Ignoring The History Of Anti-Asian Racism Is Another Form Of Violence” article by Connie Wun

“How to support Asian American colleagues amid the recent wave of anti-Asian violence” by Jennifer Liu

AAPI Women Lead on Instagram

Dear Asian Americans Podcast

“Know My Name” book by Chanel Miller – follow her on Instagram

Hate Is A Virus – Raising $1 MILLION to give back to local and national community organizations that are providing pivotal services and programs for our community. This includes programs related to mental health, better protections for our elderly, AAPI representation, solidarity-building and more. 

Anti-Racist Resource Guide by Victoria Alexander (Follow her on Instagram)

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