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In this episode, Lindsay talks with us about financial psychology and the impact that money can have on people. She touches on how this can impact our clients, how we develop our mindset about money as early as 7-8 years old, and how this can effect us in our jobs as clinicians in community mental health and/or private practice. Take a listen to learn a lot with Lindsay!

Lindsay Bryan-Podvin is a biracial financial therapist, speaker, and author of the book “The Financial Anxiety Solution.” In her therapy practice, Mind Money Balance, she uses shame-free financial therapy to help people get their minds and money in balance. She’s expanded her services to help private practice therapists with their money mindset, sustainable pricing, and authentic marketing so they can include financial self-care in their work. She lives with her partner and their dog on the traditional land of the Fox, Peoria, Potawatomi, and Anishinabewaki peoples also known as Michigan.

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Check out our sponsor: MT-PC! All pod-courses on sale for $20 off!

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