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In this episode, Jael and Kate discuss the coolest of the cool – the history of creativity, art-making, music and more in history. This episode covers so many topics and it’s truly a gem. Tune in to learn about the earliest evidence of creativity in anthropological records, discussions about the desire to create, and theories on how creativity is what kept us alive!

Jael Weinberg is a Registered Art Therapist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate. She operates a therapy private practice – Art Therapy PNW – in Seattle, WA and is Co-Founder of the Creative Dementia Collective. In her private practice, Jael specializes in working with men seeking to decrease shame and increase capacity for vulnerability. In her role with the Creative Dementia Collective, she specializes in legacy work for people living with dementia and their care partners. Jael is passionate about storytelling and utilizes creative expression to support others in telling their story.

Learn more about Jael and her practice at her website!

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