Having visual aids is one of my favorite ways to make sure that all learners can participate in activities and interventions. These visual aides can be used to support all learners, serve as a cue, or serve as an idea prompt!

We know that multi-sensory learning is an integral part of the classroom and in our sessions, so simple visual as these are necessary in our work. You can get creative with these as well and encourage children to come up with their own ideas, sequences, and/or movement games!


  • Print these out on cardstock for a more sturdy card
  • Print these out on regular paper and laminate once they are finished
  • Print out several copies and have each client create their own versions, sequences, dance movements, or to take home
  • Let your clients get creative — if they come up with new ideas — encourage them to go with it and see if it flys during the game. If not, you can always adapt the idea and problem-solve – an excellent skill to learn!
  • Pair with your favorite song! Let children lead dance movements as well by showing all of the cards to their friends during creative movement!


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