I literally laughed out loud today. By myself. In my clinic space.

I had just finished up with a client, who LOVES the wooden frog guiro. Loves it, as in, talks about it at home so much that Mom had to buy two of them. It’s adorable.

Anyway, I noticed at the end of our session that poor froggie’s mallet was just shredded and really starting to splinter. I knew that I could just use a wooden rhythm stick to substitute for a mallet, but I’ve got plenty of clients that would have a meltdown if it wasn’t the “correct” mallet.


So I was sitting there in my chair and thought to myself “Gosh, I wish I had some sandpaper!”.

Enter, the sandpaper blocks.

I literally laughed out loud when I thought to myself “I am literally using all of my resources!”. So often I am thinking of resources that are outside of myself and I don’t think of what I already have. More blog posts to come on that topic later.

Anyway, I spent a good five minutes sanding down my splintered mallet and voila!! I guess it just goes to show that some of our best resources come from within. Within ourselves, or sometimes just within our instrument bag!





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