In this episode, Danielle dives into many topics including rural mental health, residential mental health, creativity, advocacy for the creative arts field, therapy for teens, and wellness for clients and for therapists. She shared an exciting intervention that she is using when collaborating with other professionals and discusses her experiences working with teens in residential treatment. Take a listen and be creative!

Danielle Mastropierro has two and half years of experience as a nationally licensed, registered Creative Art Therapist, as well as trained in a trauma processing technique called Progressive Counting. She received her Bachelor of Science in Art Education from Alfred University before moving on to obtain her Master of Science  degree in Creative Arts Therapy, focus in Art Therapy, from Nazareth College in Rochester, New York. Danielle has worked both in residential and out patient facilities with a primary focus in children and adolescents. Danielle also supports women in exploring all aspects of wellness through her online fitness and nutrition coaching. She started coaching to explore her own self-care and wellness which turned into supporting others to do the same as all aspects of wellness are connected and could be used to manage mental, physical, and spiritual health.

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