#9- Connections, Advocacy, & Movement with Erica Hornthal, LCPC, BC-DMT

Listen to Episode #9!

Dance therapist Erica Hornthal discusses her journey to becoming a dance therapist and shares her passions working within mental health and those with cognitive deficits. We talk about the nuances of creative arts therapy advocacy and creative therapies within a variety of settings. We dig into the ins and outs of advocating for our work when agencies or other companies may not see its worth, and learning to let go in those times as there is always another advocacy opportunity down the road that will value the creative arts therapy field. Erica loves connecting and has an amazing youtube channel called “Dance Therapy Dialogues” where she talks to other dance and movement therapists, furthering her passion for connecting other in the field.

Erica Hornthal, a clinical counselor and board-certified dance therapist, is the CEO and founder of Chicago Dance Therapy.  Erica specializes in movement and cognitive disorders and has a passion for educating people on the power of movement in mental health.

Find her on instagram! ericahornthal, chicagodancetherapy

Chicago Dance Therapy Website

Facebook: Erica Hornthal

Websites: www.ericahornthal.comwww.chicagodancetherapy.com



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