#17- Creative Credit, End of Life Care, and Multigenerational Therapy with Brittany Tachkov, MT-BC

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In this episode, Brittany shares her experiences as a music therapist working in hospice. She discusses creativity as a whole, her work in end of life care, and the possibilities of healing through multigenerational sessions. She discusses her new journey into graduate school to obtain her Masters degree in family therapy studies as well. Brittany is a wealth of knowledge- check her out!

Brittany Tachkov, MT-BC started the music therapy program at Hospice of the East Bay, working within a Thomas Long Foundation grant. She is the current past president and was the co-founder of the California Association for Music Therapy. She has been awarded the New Professional Grant, Professional Development Grant, and Wilhelmina Herbert Professional Scholarship and co-founded the California Association for Music Therapy as a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Brittany just recently released a program through musictherapyed.com on funding and program development.

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California Task Force, you can email them here!

California Association for Music Therapy e-mail

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Hospice of the Easy Bay

Thomas Long Foundation Grant

Russel Hilliard- Hospice Care in Music Therapy


Music Therapy Chronicles Episode with Judy Simpson

Music Therapy Ed

Brittany’s Funding and Program Development Course 

Western Region Music Therapy Association

American Counseling Association Website

University of the Pacific

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