In this episode, Rob Mostyn, who among many other things is my older brother, describes how he got into a career of gaming. He shares about his unique position(s) at his job and dives into some of the important elements that occur in games that could be useful for therapists, as well as the unique music and art that is a part of the gaming process. We discuss the genres of games, socialization aspects, motivation in games, and information that could be asked by therapists when learning about clients to get a deeper understanding of what games mean to them, and some applications of games in therapy. All of that and some enjoyable sibling banter as well!

Rob Mostyn is the Digital Games Hub Coordinator at the RIT Center for Media, Arts, Games, Interaction & Creativity (MAGIC). In this position, Rob works towards supporting, talking to and about, and promoting the local game development industry and community. Rob is also the Founder and Director of ROC Game Dev, a non-profit co-working space as well as a series of monthly events aimed at bringing together local professional, student, and hobbyist game developers. He has published a game, “A Small Robot Story”, to Steam and, is in the process of developing his second video game, and continues to compose music for indie games.

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Rob’s Game- A Small Robot Story 

Rochester Institute of Technology



Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

ROC Game Dev 

SUNY Fredonia 

The Quadrant/chart of 9 slots where character alignment is broken down in chaotic/lawful/neutral

Skyrim (Game)

Doom (Game)

Intellivision (Game)

Kind Words (Game)

Humans Fall Flat (Game)

Sea Of Thieves (Game)

Pocket Camp (Game)

Gamasutra- The Art and Business of Making Games

GDC Vault 

Serious Play Conference

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