In this episode, Paige tells us about the amazing work she does providing an array of services, many being in-home with her clients. Her passions shine through as she talks about the humbling space that in-home care creates and she also talks with us about one of Music Therapy Ed’s latest to-do’s Project Campfire!

Paige attended undergrad at St. Mary-of-the-Woods College in Terre Haute, IN for her bachelor’s in music therapy. Upon graduation, Paige traveled to Southbury, CT to complete her 6-month music therapy internship. Paige is now a board-certified Music Therapist living in Cincinnati, OH, and working as a contractor on the Indiana Medicaid waiver in multiple cities. She also contracts remotely for She has a multitude of passions including fostering dogs for a rescue, camping and backpacking, horseback riding, and finding ways to enjoy life all around.

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Saint Mary-of-the-Woods

Project Campfire

Music Therapy Ed

Dr. King Episode

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