DOUBLE FEATURE!!! On today’s special episode, I chat with Chris Millett of the Make More Music podcast! Once you take a listen here, don’t forget to check out Chris’s release where he interviews me (it was so much fun!!)
Chris has a huge passion for shedding light on all of the corners of music career paths and chats with amazing people in each of his episodes. We talk about his work as a clinical coordinator for the University of Louisville, his shift from full-time clinician to a clinical supervisor, and a little about his top episodes. Take a listen, enjoy, and then take another listen to his podcast!

Chris Millett, MM, MT-BC has been practicing as a board-certified music therapist since January 2014. Chris is the founder of Make More Music, LLC, and the Make More Music podcast with the mission of connecting people to music and one another. The show features a wide range of music-related professionals to bust the myth that it’s all starving artists and rockstars in the music industry. He also serves a variety of populations and trains budding music therapists as the Music Therapy Clinic Coordinator at his alma mater, the University of Louisville. He holds advanced training, has a wide variety of clinical experience, has presented at national conferences on various music therapy topics, and is published in the Journal of Music Therapy and other music therapy publications.

Outside of music therapy Chris enjoys being with his family, hanging out with his hound dog and lab, being involved with his church community, gigging, making & writing music, and spending time with old & new friends.

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(Beginners- Wednesdays at 11:00 AM EST and Intermediate at 11:00 AM EST on Friday)

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Chris’s favorite episodes:

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