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#37-Psychiatric Care, Supervision, and Process-Oriented Work with Leah Creary, MS, MT-BC, and Joy Kaminski, MT-BC

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In this episode, Joy and Leah discuss their experiences working in forensic and civil units of an inpatient psychiatric hospital. They weave the in the power of process-oriented work with this population, the elements of safety (physical and mental) that arise, and how supervision play a role in their work, as supervisees and supervisors. Check out this episode and spread the awareness #endthestigma.

Leah Creary (pictured above) is a Music Therapist currently working in inpatient, forensics psychiatric care. She got her Master’s degree in Music Therapy from Nazareth College in 2015 and from there has worked in many different settings, finally landing in psychiatric work almost two years ago. She prefers to work from a psychodynamic lens, with a focus on process-oriented work. Outside of work, Leah enjoys hanging with her pup Hugo, reading and being part of an awesome bookclub, and spending lots of time in thrift stores.

Joy Kaminski, MT-BC has been working as a music therapist in psychiatric care for 12 years and just under a year in special education.

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