If you haven’t seen this skit, it’s great. I’m a huge SNL fan and couldn’t help but make this the title! Also I swear it relates to the point….


In the current medical climate, we’ve all been forced to adapt, change, flex, and pretty much throw it all into the wind and see what lands. I’ve felt the need to create a lot of additional supports in my newsletter, but there is also a larger foundation behind those supports.

That larger foundation that holds the ability to connect with the kids through telehealth is so much deeper than interventions or activities. If we really simmer it down….

The intervention doesn’t matter.

The song doesn’t matter.

The platform doesn’t matter.

What matters is that we show up. We hold space. We be with each other. We are being human together through this craziness.  The relationship that we have with our clients is so much more powerful than any intervention, and by showing up we are telling our clients that they matter to us. That they deserve our undivided attention for that one hour. That we can be with each other no matter what.

A good friend on Instagram (who you should follow– she’s amazing!), @limitlessharmonies, said it best when she said:

“I was reminded it was more than just the music…. it’s about comfort, presence, feeling heard, validation, warmth, connection, humaneness, love, empathy, support, kindness” – Mabel

So as a follow up to my post about telehealth ideas, I wanted to share this thought.

Just show up, as your authentic self, and that means a whole lot to our clients. We can figure out the rest, day by day, with each other.




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