In this episode, Adam shares his passion for bringing role-playing games, most notably Dungeons & Dragons into a therapeutic space. Dungeons and Dragons is not a video game, but it’s an in-person collaborative role-playing story game of chance (Adam’s definition!)  Adam’s work does not focus on discreetly teaching social skills, but focuses on developing those skills in a motivating, engaging, and natural environment where feedback can be easily integrated.  At Game to Grow, Adam’s team supports other therapists, educators, and community members with learning how to integrate this model into a variety of settings and helping future game masters developing “SPARK”- spontaneity, playfulness, attunement, restraint, and knowledge. Check out Game to Grow to learn more!

Adam Davis, MA Ed., founder and Executive Director of Game to Grow, earned his Master’s degree in Education with a specialization in drama therapy from Antioch University Seattle, and is a recognized member of the North American Drama Therapy Association. Adam is a contributing author to publications including Game Play, 3rd Edition, and The Walking Dead Psychology. In addition to his work with Game to Grow, he developed the CoRe Gaming program at the Atlantic Street Center utilizing video games to teach dialectical behavioral therapy skills, worked as an environmental educator at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, and taught fourth-grade literacy for Seattle Public Schools.

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