On today’s episode, Reina Lombardi, a fellow podcaster joins us to chat about the many things she does in her business. Reina is an art therapist, private practice owner, podcaster, and supervisor for art therapists as well as licensed mental health counselors in the state of Florida. Reina talks with us today about her decision to start a private practice and gives so many great tips about private practice along the way. She is a jack of all trades and does those trades so well! Don’t forget to check out her podcast, The Creative Psychotherapist if you want to learn more about private creative arts therapy practices!  Also check out her website, the creative clinician’s corner to get resources, and more support for your business adventure!

About Reina: 
I’m Reina Lombardi, a seasoned art therapist, mental health counselor, and practice maven and I am thrilled to be in your corner offering education, resources, and support to help you build and scale your dream practice. The Creative Clinician’s Corner, LLC is The Practice Building Resource for Creative Psychotherapists. Grad school taught me how to be a therapist, how to do research and write academic papers. It did not, in any way, prepare me to set up and manage a successful private practice. I always had dreams of owning a practice but had absolutely no idea how to do it. After 7 years of working in the field, I decided to take the dive headfirst with zero preparation.
Fortunately, I landed as an independent contractor in a fabulous small group practice and learned through immersion. And, there is so much to learn! I took what I learned there and struck out on my own where I quickly realized I needed to learn even more and fast! I created this resource to help my creative colleagues get ahead of the learning curve by providing them with the skills and strategies that will help them Dream up, Plan out, Build and Scale the thriving private practice of their dreams.
I decided to launch the Creative Clinician’s Corner after years of having colleagues request my help, guidance, and support on their path into private practice. Independent contractor in a group practice–I’ve done it. Launched a solo practice and brought it from nothing to full in less than six months– yep, I’ve done that too. Grew that solo practice into a thriving, small, and continually growing group practice–running it now and loving it!. That is my goal for you – LOVE what you are doing AND make a decent living, too.
Learn more at the Creative Clinician’s Corner website!
Check out Reina’s podcast “The Creative Psychotherapist”
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