In this episode, Erica shares her journey moving her private practice from in person to telehealth. She shares her motivation to start a private practice, her adaptations with moving to telehealth, and her (global!) goals for the future of her business. Erica has a passion for working with children, teens, and young adults with developmental disabilities and differences and shares about one of her amazing groups called the “Inter-ability Chorus”. Take a listen and get inspired!

Erica Lyles captivates clients and students of all ages, abilities, backgrounds and diagnoses through music therapy and music experiences.  She caters to specific needs and goals of clients and facilitates a non-threatening experience for them to achieve optimal success.  When she’s not singing with kids with autism to elicit communication, or playing the piano to guide a stressed out client to relaxation, she is creating musical experiences and opportunities to reach and empower the world! Erica Lyles, MT-BC, (Board-Certified Music Therapist)

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