In this episode, Sarah shares a little bit about the importance of caring for ourselves as therapists. We touch on compassion fatigue, burnout, and what steps you can take to dig yourself out of the trenches (and how to notice you’re down there in the first place!) Sarah has an incredible warmth about her that makes talking and learning from her so easy. Her compassion for helpers is palpable and her advocacy for therapists in the frontlines is a much needed voice in our community. Take a listen to this very important episode!

Sarah Scott Dooling is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor specializing in play therapy. Sarah teaches graduate-level classes at two San Diego universities, and facilitates creative, interactive professional development workshops for clinicians and educators. As a Social Worker, Educator and Consultant, it’s Sarah’s mission to equip people working with kids in high-stakes scenarios with the skills and self-awareness to thrive. Through customized workshops, webinars, and consultations she helps clinical practitioners hone their craft, cultivate resilience, and reconnect with their purpose.

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