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In part one of this episode, Kristiana Miner talks with us about social justice within the creative arts therapies from a personal and professional perspective. She also shares her experiences related to racism, trauma, misogyny, oppression, and more in the music therapy field and we touch on some of the issues within the field related to continued oppression for marginalized therapists, clients, and communities.

Kristiana Miner is a board-certified music therapist in community-based services in Colorado. She is a cult and abuse survivor and is passionate about therapy, social justice, and amplifying marginalized voices as someone who holds marginalized aspects of her own.

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Check out Kristiana’s newly released (and STUNNING) coloring book called “Delve” – available in PDF form and paperback!

Book Description: DELVE is a coloring book for people who have been through some sh*t. When I was struggling my hardest with PTSD, depression, anxiety, and a chronic illness I didn’t even realize I had yet, I turned to art. These are the pictures I drew during those hard times, to help me fight my demons. Color in my doodles, write in your own thoughts wherever you please. Let’s fight our demons together.

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