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In part one of this episode, Ella talks with us about the power of non directive work and storytelling within an expressive and play therapy environment. Ella shares with us what non directive play looks like in her work, how storytelling is an integral part of the work, and how symbols can be utilized throughout these experiences. Take a listen and enjoy!

Ella is a fully trained Art Psychotherapist. Her qualifications include: MA (Hons) in Art Therapy from Crawford College of Art and Design, PgD in Principles of Art Therapy from Crawford College of Art and Design, BA (Hons) in Design from NCAD, and Diplomas in Teletherapy and Play Therapy for adults and children. Ella is a fully accredited member of IACAT – The Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists.

​Ella has worked with children, adolescents, young adults, and families. Her experience includes children going through foster care, struggling with separation in the family, autism, trauma, grief, and diverse mental and physical disabilities. Ella has also worked with adults within the psychiatric services, in areas including bipolar disorder, addiction and psychosis. Ella is interested in working with children as well as adults. She has seen that art therapy is a powerful and non-invasive way of helping a person work through difficulties they are experiencing. Very often people can find it challenging to verbalise their issues. Help and support in the form of Art Therapy as such presents a very effective solution. By creating a safe and secure environment for her clients, Ella uses the creative process as a way of helping and guiding her clients through any issues they may have. Ella uses Art therapy, Play therapy, Sandtray play therapy, therapeutic story telling to name a few within her work. She uses a non directive approach throughout sessions with children, letting the child chose the narrative of the sessions. “It is only in being creative that the individual discovers the self“-D.W. Winnicott

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Dictionary of symbols, Jean Chevalier and Alain Gheerbrant 

Sandplay A source book for play therapists ,Susan Perkins McNally

Using story telling as a therapeutic tool with children, Margot Sunderland

Images of Resilency

Animal Life in Nature, Myth, and Dreams

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