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**Trigger Warning** – Sexual abuse discussed. In this episode, Courtenay shares with us the intimate story of her mothers journey through mental illness and the hope that animal assisted therapy can give. She shares with us her own work as a therapist in the prison system supported inmates with animal assisted therapy as well. Take a listen to this important story of hope and the learn legacy of Courtenay’s mother in the recently released book called “Recollections: A Journey of Coursgae and Abuse” written by Carolyn and Courtenay Baber

Courtenay Baber, MS, LPC, is an outpatient therapist and provides services for adults, focusing on anxiety and depression, and assisting survivors of sexual trauma. She also manages Gray Horse Farm, which offers clinics hosted by top-recognized trainers, as well as shows. Courtenay provides equine-assisted therapy at the farm through Gray Horse Counseling. The aim is to help the world see the power of healing from animal-assisted activities and therapy.

Learn more about the book written by Courtenay’s mother, Carolyn, and finished by Courtenay here: “Recollections: A Journey of Coursgae and Abuse” written by Carolyn and Courtenay Baber

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