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Children now, more than ever, need supportive adults in their lives who can easily enhance their mental wellness. 

The Umbrella Community is a space to learn more about child mental health, counseling skills, infant/child development, trauma-informed care, and the creative arts. We are uniquely situated to support children in building their resiliency through creative expression, but only if we have the right tools in our bag. This community is a place to add your toolbox and build your confidence as a clinician who can support children of all needs with their emotional well-being.

You’ll save time because it’s all in one place.
You’ll save energy because the information is tailored just for you.
You’ll save money because you’ll earn 15 CMTE credits for participating.
The best part? You’ll GAIN a community to lean on, to learn from, and to grow with.

Each month, you will receive an email with a new resource on the monthly theme, an implementation video, and session ideas. We will also meet for a group consultation call that you can attend live or watch later. You’ll receive access to the resource library below, where new content will be added consistently. You’ll also receive access to a private Facebook group of like-minded individuals who are right there with you along this journey. Additional individual office hours with me will open up as well, so we can dig into your unique needs as a clinician. Check out more details on how this works below.

The community opens only twice a year, with a very limited amount of members. Get locked in at the founding member’s ($224/year) price today! Save your spot today and February when the community opens again, you will be notified first!

Resource Library

Take a look at the resources below to get an idea of what is inside the community resource library!

Infant & Child Development Resources

Checklists, downloads, and information regarding infant and child development including play, creative, music, and other domains of development.

Infant & Child Mental Health Resources

Information, videos, and other resources about infant mental health, child mental health, trauma, relational neurosciences, and more.

Interventions, Visuals, & Session Ideas

Keynote visuals, intervention ideas, creative activities, and other resources to keep the ideas flowing in your sessions.

Child Counseling Skills & Techniques

Learn specific and tangible counseling skills to support your creative & verbal interactions in the therapy room.

Creative Arts & Expressive Therapy Resources

Dive into learning more about the creative arts and how to ethically bridge them into your clinical practice.

Implementation Videos

Videos dedicated to implementing the variety of skills that are covered in this library.

How Does This Work?

It’s super convenient and easy to do.

As a Founding Member, you will get locked in at the lowest price for the whole time that you stay a member of the community. This community only opens twice per year, and each time it opens the price will have to increase to accommodate the growth of the resources. As a Founding Member, you stay locked in at the same price!!

Once you purchase, you’ll be sent an email with your membership login and password. From here you will be able to login to the “members only” area of the website where you will be able to access all of the members only resources listed above.

Then, you will then receive access to the private Facebook group for community members only. This is a safe space for us to come together as clinicians and share ideas, learn from each other, and have fun!

Each month, you will receive an email with a new resource on the monthly theme, an implementation video, and session ideas. We will then discuss these resources and implementation ideas at our group consultation calls. You will also be sent a zoom link for every group consultation call directly to your email. These links will also be provided in the private Facebook group.

In order to receive the 15 CBMT credits, you will have to attend and/or watch the recorded group consultation calls (15 total). At the end of the year, you will get an e-mail with links to the evaluation and the post-test. Once you pass the post-test, you will be sent a pre-approved CBMT certificate!

Throughout the year, I will open up additional office hours for 30-minute private consultation calls to support you with your direct and individualized needs as a clinician.

Save time, money, and energy. Build your knowledge and confidence. Earn continuing education credits. Most of all, become a part of a supportive community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to know this information to be a great clinician?

When we develop goals, create treatment plans, implement interventions, and are just BEING with children, we need to know age-appropriate development and emotional development. How do we know where to support if we don’t know what children should be doing at a particular age? For example, do you know when children begin to pretend play (which is essential for healthy development)? How do you support that skill? How do you help support emotional regulation when a child is escalating? What types of phrases can you say in the therapy room to enhance creative thinking, support emotional development, and demonstrate empathy? This community will help you answer those questions, find your own authentic path as a clinician, and much more!

What is the cost?

The cost for the September 2020 opening is $224, paid once per year. This is the Founding Member’s price! If you join right now, you will get locked in at that yearly price for the whole time that you want to be a member- that price will never increase for you, but it will increase over time due to the increasing amount of resources within the library.

Why does this open only twice per year to limited members?

To uphold the quality of the community experience, it is imperative that this community have a limited amount of new members every six months. It is not in any way to exclude anyone but to maintain the highest quality possible and intimacy that such a group deserves (there is a lot of hard work in here!). Every six months, the member quota will grow, but it will be limited (similar to taking classes in college– there really is limited space!) So hop on the waiting list now!

What are in the e-mails I get each month?

Each month, you’ll be sent curated resources, implementation videos, and session ideas that target the particular topic of the month, which you can see on our schedule. This will be sent two weeks ahead of our scheduled consultation call so you can have time to review it and come up with questions or ideas. Then at our group consultations all, we will go over these materials and discuss implementation ideas, questions, and concerns. Notes from the group consultation call will be sent to you via e-mail and will be available in the resource library.

What are the topics we will cover in the group consultation calls?

Here is a schedule and list of the topics we will cover in the upcoming year. There will be time to cover additional topics and it is encouraged to share what supports you need so we can create those resources for you and put them in the library!

What are the group consultation calls like?

The most fun ever (but I am biased!) Each call we will go over information, resources, and clinical examples on a particular topic that is sent out each month. From here, we will open up to questions and focus on how to apply this information into your sessions and your work! Notes from the group consultation call will be sent to you via e-mail and will be available in the resource library.

Can I join for just one month?

Unfortunately, no. At this time the membership is an annual commitment with the option to pay monthly or annually.

Is this just for music therapists?

No! Clinicians, educators, caregivers, and parents can find this space incredibly useful to develop their knowledge of children as well.

Are there special rates for students or groups?

Yes! Please reach out and email me to learn about the special rates!

What do I get discounts on?

As a member of the community, you will receive huge discounts on courses that are launched through the Creative Therapy Umbrella, included our previous courses. You’ll also receive discount on any physical items that we may create in the future, including books and/or swag! For other courses that I am doing through other platforms, you will still receive a discount to those as well! Some upcoming course topics include:

  • Development of Creativity and Play For Music Therapists
  • Non-Musical Toys in Music Therapy
  • Relational Neurosciences For Music Therapists
  • Course Series “The Space Between”
    • Music and Art 
    • Music and Dance
    • Music and Drama
    • Music and Poetry
    • Music and Play

More Questions?

Shoot me an email in the form below! I’ll get your questions answered ASAP and look forward to hearing from you!!

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