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Telehealth Ideas!

I count myself lucky for being able to continue my job (with almost ALL of my clients!) online. The connection is so important for these kiddos and the whole telehealth thing has gone SURPRISINGLY well! There are many struggles of telehealth too, and I am also seeing the "honeymoon phase" wear off for a few… Continue reading Telehealth Ideas!

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Dynamic Jenga Questions!

It's no surprise that I LOVE using Jenga questions in therapy. Whether it's questions about music, a way to prompt instrument playing, or to build rapport, Jenga is an amazing tool. I hate to admit it, but I've literally spent hours writing questions on wooden Jenga blocks. Most frequently, I've done this for other therapists… Continue reading Dynamic Jenga Questions!

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Tuesday Top 5 (TT5): Elements of Notes

Okay, let's dig into it. Process Notes. Charting. Progress Notes. DAP. SOAP. Yatta. Yatta. Yatta. They are called a lot of things and they really are very important. Often, your job dictates how they are to be completed and in what format as well. Keeping notes for sessions is not only an ethical standard of… Continue reading Tuesday Top 5 (TT5): Elements of Notes

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Hear That Thunder Boom!

Today, it was beautiful and sunny when I woke up. I couldn't wait to start the day! I brewed some coffee and by the time I turned back to the window, IT WAS SNOWING. What just happened? The best part was that it snowed for an hour and then the sun came out for the… Continue reading Hear That Thunder Boom!