“Spinner App” Intervention Ideas

I LOVE THIS APP. Seriously, I love this app.

Someone had posted about this app somewhere online and I can’t find the blog that I originally found it on. Thank you kind stranger!

There have been so many interventions that have spawned out of this app. I originally started to use it for a feelings warm-up intervention, but other ideas came quickly. Some of my favorites:


Family Orchestra: (Use for groups/siblings) Everyone spins and makes music with their given instrument (body percussion or real instruments). Great way to create social cohesion, give turns as leaders, and ask clients about focusing their attention on all of the music instead of just their own when they play.


Feelings Check-In: I use a fun little ditty about “Checking in on our Feelings” and the client and I take turns with the spinner. We each give examples of the chosen emotion that have happened recently or to others that we know. A great intervention for emotional identification, emotional regulation, and emotional processing. 


Instrument Game:  I often use this as a compromise/conflict resolution tactic. Many times in groups or with siblings, there tends to be fighting over instruments, so this often results in a great conversation about how to fairly decide who gets what (usually kids pick using the spinner, even if it results in losing their instrument choice). Anyway, this is a great app to use for songwriting, or re-creating songs in the moment with clients. It encourages flexibility, creativity, and teamwork.


Seriously, it’s so much fun. How would you use this app in sessions??? Send your creative ideas over, I’d love to try them out too!


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