I designed this intervention for a client who had just come home from a beach vacation. She had enjoyed herself so much during this trip so I thought about how I could utilize this experience and expand on it in the therapy room. I brought in lots of different beach-y materials and we used them in so many different ways. She loved it!

I love having visuals in my sessions to continually support multi-sensory learning (aren’t these ocean animals adorable!!). This client was very limited in her communication skills and physical abilities, but to me, assuming competency is always a part of my approach (it’s one of my most important values!). I believe that supporting the inner world of ALL children is just as important as supporting the development of hard skills such as speech and academics.

This is a multi-sensory creative therapy intervention for children of all ability levels. Sign up below to get your copy!

I love talking and helping others learn how to create interventions, it’s one of my biggest passions. Anyway, I’d love to hear how you implemented it with your clients!! Did this download give you more creative ideas to use in your session??

Reach out and let me know, I love hearing your stories!!

P.S. If you are looking for more creative ways to support your client and their creativity, check out my Cultivating Creative Resiliency Course! It’s FULL of ideas like this and teaches YOU how to come up with creative approaches in the child therapy room.


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