This download is all about the dice (sparkly dice are my favorite!)

I absolutely LOVE bringing dice into sessions and kids have loved using visuals that guide them in choosing different characters and settings. I find that the more simple the better, and that kids will bring in familiar themes into the storytelling. Sometimes after using this visual, I’ll challenge some children to create a story without the visual guide and this requires a little more thinking and processing, but often children will pick experiences that they want to work through at this time.

With this download, you simply roll your die three times to determine what character, setting, and challenge you will be presented with. This demands some flexibility and creative thinking from the child you are working with. From there you can turn this game into so many creative opportunities! Take a look at my top 5 ways to bring stories into your sessions to get some more ideas on how to expand from this download!

I always love hearing how people use these in sessions. Let me know how it goes!

Are you feeling burnt out of creative ideas? Need some more resources for your sessions like this one? Check out my course through Music For Kiddos! It’s all about bringing art, stories, dance, drama, theater, sensory, nature and poetry into your music therapy sessions!

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