Again Target. You’ve done it again.

I’ve had this dice for quite some time but am just starting to unlock it’s potential. It’s a dry erase die with 6 cards that are interchangeable on the face of each side. Although it’s not the most sturdy, it sure is fun!


Here are some of the way’s I’ve been using this in session:

  • Use this big dice to engage in Roll-A-Stories! These visuals have endless potential and they are frequently requested by my clients!
  • Write down instruments on each side. What you roll is what you play! I usually use this with a generic “instrument playing” song that is simple and easy.
  • Write down emotions on each side. When checking in at the beginning of the session, roll the die and discuss the emotion that was landed on.
    • Or when an emotion is rolled, work with the client to find a song that they think matches that emotion. This is a great way to explore the clients unique emotional attachment to music.
  • Use the die to make other games harder. I write down colors on each side and use this to roll for a block in Jenga. It’s a great way to make Musical Jenga more challenging!
  • Roll for turns! When turn-taking is difficult, this can come in handy. Number 1-6 and your rolled number is where you stand in line.
  • If you have set interventions for your particular session, you can give the client an opportunity for choice (or luck) by rolling the die to determine the order of interventions!
    • Also, it’s a great way to gauge the clients reactions to what is first and what is last. For instance, “Oh Susie, I noticed that you cringed when that landed on 1, meaning the songwriting intervention was first. What does that mean?
    • Use this information to open up a discussion about why they don’t like certain interventions and why they do like others. A great way to get feedback!
  • Use as a songwriting tool! Write Verse, Chorus, and Bridge on the sides and use the roll as a way to determine what to write next, or to determine the format of the song.
  • Song Choice- Gather information about the client’s favorite songs. Write those down on each side. When working on a particularly difficult goal, engage the client by rolling to the die to determine a highly preferred song to pair the intervention with!
  • Write movements on each side to get some dance/movement fun happening in your session!

Oh gosh, I feel like there are so many more. What are your dice ideas? Shoot me a comment here or over on Instagram and share away! I love hearing your ideas!


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