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In this episode, Shelley discusses the use of signs within music therapy and how this can support young children who are not able to access verbal language. Shelley describes how we can use signs to support the understanding of how communication works as well as having concrete examples of using signs within your sessions. We discuss have a language-rich environment to support all learners and Shelley also discusses the importance of respecting Deaf culture when we utilize sign for the basics of communication.

Shelley is a board-certified Music Therapist and owner of Notes 2 Live By. Notes 2 Live By is dedicated to providing resources for American Sign Language catered towards music therapists, music educators, parents and other social service professionals. Shelley has helped Music therapists, behavior consultants, occupational therapists and more learn functional ASL to communicate with their clients. Shelley has a minor in American Sign Language from Radford University. Shelley enjoys presenting for Inservice trainings, and meeting with people one to one! She sends out a monthly email with free ASL resources to her email list. Most of the research Shelley shared in todays episode can be found in the first email sent out when you subscribe. These include research for professionals and parents on why signing is so important for children to learn and common myths with research to back them up! 

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